Hong Kong Experience

As you can tell from the image above, the Hong Kong city skyline is a beautiful sight. At 8 PM every single night, there is a “laser show” (shown above) where all the buildings provide lights and lasers for a magnificent view from across the waters (this area is known as Kowloon). I stayed at the Kowloon Shangri-La during my visit and it was a great hotel in a prime location; the Tsim Sha Tsui subway station is right around the corner. Kowloon is the area across the waters from Hong Kong and holds some stunning views of the Hong Kong city skyline.
Overall, my experience in Hong Kong consisted of lots and lots of eating and shopping in between. Not much sight-seeing was done unfortunately but walking around the streets of an unfamiliar city was sight-seeing in and of itself. I did visit the Peak Tower which is the highest point in Hong Kong and it provides more magnificent views of Hong Kong. There is more shopping and food in the Peak Tower as well as a Madame Tussard’s.

The food in Hong Kong is absolutely amazing. I had most my breakfasts at the Shangri-La hotel and their breakfast buffet is a feast. They have the Western breakfast cuisine but also have all kinds of Chinese dishes and other Asian plates. Lunch and Dinner was for four but we always ordered a meal for eight. I put on quite some weight during my short stay in Hong Kong. The piglets, duck, chicken, beef….the noodles and fried noodles…the dimsum – all fantastic.
There is unlimited shopping in Hong Kong. Everywhere you go is a place for shopping. I spent a majority of my time looking and buying. Be prepared to dish out some cash while in Hong Kong. From the Festival Walk, International Finance Center (yes, there’s a huge mall), The Landmark, Pacific Place, Harbour City…you can shop till you literally drop. Be advised if you are bringing a lady-friend.
And if you’re not bringing a lady-friend but looking for one, there are plenty scattered across the city in different forms. Be careful as there are gangsters and scams everywhere. There are a bunch of “nightclubs” (look like mini strip joints) especially in Wan Chai; I heard that these clubs charge a testicle a drink for the girls and rack up your check to a point where several foreigners end up calling the POPO for the insane price tag.
There are some dirty ghettos in the area and shady spots throughout the city. Compared to my trip to Singapore, I’d have to say Singapore is the place I’d like to move to but Hong Kong is definitely another place I’d visit again. Actually, I will be visiting Hong Kong again in August of this year to eat more of their food and see the sights that I missed during my last stay. And I will most definitely be staying a few days in Macau to get my degenerate gambling on.
If you haven’t been to Hong Kong, I definitely suggest a visit. Whether with family, a loved one or single looking for some fun, Hong Kong is a great place to visit. If you want more information, shoot me an email and I’ll give you as much information as I can.
Next up…finally a trip back home to New York City. I’ll be leaving in a week and I have been waiting for this day for six months. THIS IS IT.