So apparently everyone knows that Bear Stearns ex CEO, Jimmy Cayne, is a pothead and has been for years. After a long, hard day he would go back to his apartment on Park Avenue to light it up. I would love to burn it down with Jimmy Cayne; we probably even buy from the same people!
Cayne then gave Friedlander one last reason to work at Bear: “Come over here,” he said as he opened the bottom drawer of his desk and pointed. “You should also know I get the best pot in New York City.”
From The Sellout
I read this on an article from Dealbreaker, the quote is from the same book, The Sellout:
One time when a senior executive at the firm, William Montgoris, walked by Cayne’s office, detected the scent of marijuana, and reported the incident. Greenberg asked Cayne if what Montgoris was saying was true, but Cayne attributed the marijuana smell to “a new leather couch in my office,” and later invited Montgoris in for a whiff. “Does the couch smell like pot or not?” he asked Montgoris, who nervously said it did, and the matter was dropped.
Bear Stearns is long gone but I will bet that Jimmy Cayne’s love for Mary Jane is stronger than ever.
“It’s the leather couch”. Blazed genius.